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The Stories of the Taiwanese 

James Laidlaw Maxwell 馬雅各 (1836-1921)

Ko Tióng 高長 (1837-1912)

Lí Chhung-seng 李春生 (1838-1924)

Hugh Ritchie 李庥 (1840-1879)

William Campbell 甘為霖 (1841-1921)

George Leslie Mackay 馬偕 (1844-1901)

Thomas Barclay 巴克禮 (1849-1935)

Campbell N. Moody 梅監霧 (1866-1940)

David Landsborough III 蘭大衛 (1870-1957)

Yoichi Hatta 八田與一 (1886-1942)

Lim Bo-seng 林茂生 (1887-1947)

C Y Peng 彭清約 (1888-1969)

The Liangs 梁道 (1888-1954); 梁炳元 (1913-1982); 梁許春菊 (1918-1997)

Chhòa Pôe-hóe 蔡培火 (1889-1983)

Su-Beng Huang 黃俟命 (1890-1950)

W S Chiang 蔣渭水 (1891-1931)

Chong-Ming Du 杜聰明 (1892-1986)

Lai Ho 賴和 (1894-1943)

A-Sin Tsai 蔡阿信 (1896-1990)

Chien Shih 施乾 (1899-1944)

C T Lin 林澄藻 (1900-1973)

John Sung 宋尚節 (1901-1944)

Lillian Dickson 孫理蓮 (1901-1983)

Liao Chi-Chun 廖繼春 (1902-1976)

Loh Sian-Chhung 駱先春 (1905-1984)

Lâu Chú-an 劉主安 (1905-1994)

Lōa Bûn-liông 賴文良 (1907-1986)

So Thian-bêng 蘇天明 (1911-2000)

C K Wu 吳振坤 (1913-1988)

Shoki Coe / Ngⁿ Bú-tong 黃彰輝 (1914-1988) / 黃武東 (1909-1994)

Chen-Yuan Lee 李鎮源 (1915-2001)

William Sia 謝緯 (1916-1970)

Wu Fu Chen 陳五福 (1918-1997)

Marjorie Ingeleiv Bly 白寶珠 (1919-2008)

David Gelzer 郭大衛 (1919-2016)

Bo Yang 柏楊 (1920-2008)

H Daniel Beeby 彌迪理 (1922-2013)

Franklin Lee 李豐明 (1934-2005)

Chiau-Seng Hwang 黃昭聲 (1936-2006)

Merry Christmas, Taiwan!

A Tribute to the Missionaries in Taiwan

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  1. A previous comment on Lillian Dickson 孫理蓮 (1901-1983) under anonymous has recently came forward emailing me these following lines -
    Concerning Miss Willa Bea Lowther, missionary to China. I found ny other comments at the tail end of info about Lillian Dickson and her husband. I am not "anonymous" as mentioned in the comments, and will be, in the month of January, 2014, 86 years old, and in fairly good health, praise God. Miss Lowther served under the Pentecostal organization of the Assemblies of God, which had contacts with the local church in Sherburn, MN, where my mother and family attended in the early 1900s. I was named Willa Jean by my mother because of her great esteem of Miss Willa Bea Lowther. A more full account of her ministries is filed in the archives of their offices in Springfield, MO.
    It would please me so much, if the comments on your website could be updated and corrected.. I live in California, and attend the local Assembly of God.

    God bless you Willa Jean Lay!